Little Boy Comes Up With Foolproof Plan To Get Out Of Baseball Game.

Rather than playing kid baseball, this young boy decided to play dead instead.

As parents, we always try to keep our kids active and healthy. Sometimes, that means dealing with organized sports teams. We enroll our kids in soccer, kid baseball, and peewee football. The results aren’t always what we expect. This little boy wanted no part of playing tee-ball, so he found a unique way to get out of the commitment.

He played dead when his team had to take the field while the other team batted. He just laid down on the field and pretended there was no such thing as kid baseball. If you’re a parent, you have certainly seen your fair share of kids doing the unexpected.


Give him an Oscar ASAP 😂🏆 (via @Britt Bear) #baseball #parents #kidsbeingkids

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Playing by the rules means actually knowing the rules. Kids seem to write their own rule book. Jasper showed us his technique for avoiding the dreaded “race to the plate.” As parents and fans urged him to get up and run, Jasper just did his own thing.

When you hit the ball, you’re supposed to run around the bases. This tiny tot wanted to chase the ball with the infielders. When the coach stopped them, they stopped to pout a bit rather than running.

Sometimes, life needs to slow down a bit. We can probably take this example and apply it beyond kid baseball. Rather than running and missing out on the scenery, this young child chose to walk around the bases as slowly as humanly possible!


He decided to walk as slow as possible because he could. #tball #fyp #funnykid #teeball #fyp

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Kids Are Living Their Best Life Playing Baseball

As the kids’ baseball season approaches, parents can look forward to seeing these moments live and in person. If you have a unique child, please let them be themselves and experience all the joys of childhood. Sports can teach our children many messages. Don’t let the one that sinks in be, “I hate this game.” If you liked this visit to the baseball diamond, please share this with other parents!

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