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Mesmerizing And Spine-Tingling: Would You Set Foot On This Suspension Bridge?

Suspension bridge spanning the the Vigi River valley in Italy.

If you want spectacular views and adventure, add this Tibetan-style suspension bridge in Italy to your bucket list. However, if you’re like me, you’ll stay home and watch videos. I am content with others making the death-defying walk above a 575-foot-deep chasm on a flimsy-looking bridge. The suspension bridge sits high above the Vigi River valley, connecting Sellano to Montesanto.

This suspension bridge in Italy is not for the faint of heart. It is patterned after ancient Tibetan footbridges that used ropes and planks, although this new bridge uses cables and metal slats. At 1696.19 feet long, the bridge includes 1,023 individual steps spaced some distance apart. When traversing from Sellano, there is a 224-foot rise in elevation, making the crossing more challenging.

Travelers crossing the Tibetan-style suspension bridge between Sellano and Montesanto in Italy.
Image from YouTube.

Safety measures are in place on the bridge. Everyone crossing must wear a safety harness attached to a cable throughout the walk. Most people take between 30 and 45 minutes to make the one-third of a mile crossing. Due to weight limitations, no more than 75 people can be on the bridge simultaneously. The crossing is typically not a good activity for families with younger children, as the spacing between the treads can be difficult. However, teens and adults should be able to traverse the span.

Suspension bridge spanning  the Vigi River valley in Italy.
Image from YouTube.

This type of suspension bridge in Italy is not new. Five equally challenging Tibetan-style suspension bridges are located throughout the country. Please send a video of your crossing when you go on this adventure. There’s no need to invite me along; my bucket list is much more mundane. I’ll be here on my couch, vicariously living through your adventures. Please share this if you enjoyed this look at what could be an amazing adventure.

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