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“Merman” Retrieves $9,500 Wedding Ring From 45-Ft Deep Lake

When a woman called Jennie lost her wedding ring at Bass Lake in California, she wasn’t sure she’d ever see it again. Still, she reached out online to see if there was anyone who could help her look for it. Luckily, she was able to get in contact with scuba diver Michael Pelley, known on YouTube as Merman Mike. Not only is he an excellent swimmer, but My Modern Met tells us that his specialty happens to be finding lost objects in the water!

“I try to help anybody and everybody get back their lost valuables, and I also try to get all the trash while I’m down there,” said the diver in his footage of the expedition. “I thoroughly believe you can’t just go for the treasure. You have to get the trash, too.”

Jennie lost her wedding ring in the lake while swimming.
Screengrab from Merman Mike/Instagram

Mike traveled three and a half hours to meet Jennie at the lake, and she showed him where she’d been swimming with her family when the ring went missing. He brought some equipment to facilitate the search, including a metal detector and a high-powered flashlight. In the caption of his video, he explained that the area he’d be exploring was around 45 feet in depth.

“Almost immediately after I reached the bottom of the lake, I realized how difficult the search was going to be,” he wrote. “The silt had immediately clouded out the area and I was in almost zero visibility.”

Merman Mike found the ring in the cloudy water.
Screengrab from Merman Mike/Instagram

However, with the aid of his metal detector, Mike was able to find a variety of items in the murky water. Although most of it was garbage, he eventually unearthed the item he was looking for.

“After pulling a couple of sticks and cans out of the thick silt, I finally pulled out what I thought was going to be another bottle top or pull tab, but instead I was looking at a giant diamond!” he said.

Jennie was so happy to have her precious ring back!
Screengrab from Merman Mike/Instagram

Obviously, Jennie was overjoyed to get her wedding ring back. Not only was the piece of jewelry highly valuable, but it represented her loving relationship with her spouse of 10 years.

“Thanks you guys so much from the bottom of my heart,” said Jennie, “You guys are amazing.”

Watch the video below to see underwater footage of Mermaid Mike’s search!

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