“Mermaid” Dog Born With Six Legs Found Abandoned In Supermarket Parking Lot.

View of Ariel, a dog born with six legs, standing in some grass. She look back. Her extra limbs can be seen dangling between her hindlegs.

For this dog born with six legs, life has been pretty rough. The poor spaniel, who had been abandoned, was found in the parking lot of a supermarket in Wales. Here, without any help, there’s no telling how long the sweet pup might last. Thankfully, the right people came along to rescue her!

In no time, Greenacres Rescue welcomed her with open arms, naming her Ariel like the beloved Disney princess. The six-legged dog earned this name because her additional appendages, both with paws at the end, resembled a flipper.

Back view of a dog born with six legs named Ariel. She stands partially on a road and grass. She looks off in the distance. Her two extra legs dangle between her hindlegs.

In order to give Ariel the surgery she needed, the non-profit raised money. Thanks to the kindness of the folks who donated, this sweet pup underwent this much needed procedure at the Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital.

Dog Born With Six Legs Gets Life-Changing Help

Two vets give small smiles as they stand next to Ariel, the dog born with six legs. She's laying down on a soft dog bed, wrapped in a blanket after surgery.

“Ariel was a complicated little dog,” Vicki Black, director of the hospital says. “We are a center committed to career-long learning and are proud to innovate and treat pets like Ariel.”

Despite the newness of the situation, the folks at Langford were able to successfully remove Ariel’s additional limbs. In fact, she’s already out and about at home with her foster parents, adjusting to her new life with only four limbs.

Ariel, the dog born with six legs, stands tall after surgery. She's on a leash, and she looks eager to explore.

Based on the way Ariel happily sniffs around the lawn, all the while tugging eagerly on her leash, it’s safe to say she’s well on her way to recovery!

“She is doing brilliantly,” Vicki confirms.

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