Petting Zoo Goat Learns To Use Twist Vending Machine, Helps Themself To Snacks.

One genius goat at Yellowstone Bear World petting zoo has learned how to use the vending machine to dispense treats.

Trips to the petting zoo are always fun, especially for kids. The petting zoo at Yellowstone Bear World is a bit different than your average petting zoo. The property is on more than an acre of land. The resident animals roam freely in this area with guests. The barnyard animals include a mix of pigs, goats, ducks, geese, deer, and more. Throughout the property are coin-operated vending machines that dispense approved food.

When you purchase admission to Bear World, it includes a tour of the grounds inside a vehicle to view bears and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Your admission also gets you access to the petting zoo area. Animals within the petting zoo are adapted to humans and will walk up to them seeking “treats.” One goat is adept at helping themselves.

Genius goat turns knob on vending machine when guests insert a coin.
Image from YouTube.

On a recent trip, some visitors got a surprise when a resident goat tried to turn the knob on a vending machine. They instructed the genius goat to wait while they inserted a coin. Once the coin was in place, the goat used its nose to turn the knob. Treats fall into a small bin at the bottom of the machine. The goat lifted the door and helped themself to the nibbly nuggets.

Eating the treats before the guests can feed them to the other animals.
Image from YouTube.

Once he has emptied the vending machine dispenser chute, the greedy goat turns to the guests as if to say, “Put another coin in, please.”

Turning, the genius goat waits patiently for guests to insert another coin into the treat dispenser.
Image from YouTube.

Although Bear World is only open seasonally, we highly recommend taking advantage of the petting zoo if you go there. While we can describe what it is like to see a genius goat in action, there is nothing like experiencing it first-hand. Please share this goat tale with others.

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