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“Meow-m?” Clever Kitty Uses Ring Doorbell After Going Missing For Days.

the top of lily the cat's head, including one of her ears. as seen from the ring doorbell camera on her family's front door.

When you’re a cat who’s trying to find your way back home, you have to get resourceful.

Lily the eight-year-old cat loves to explore. But when she and her Long Island, New York family moved to a new neighborhood, she found herself lost. Four days passed, and none of her family could find where she went. That’s when the doorbell rang.

Late that night, Lily’s family got an alert on their TV through Alexa: someone was at their front door, and their Ring doorbell camera could show them who. Much to their surprise, it was… silly Lily! This clever feline not only activated the camera, but she also meowed in a way that sounded as if she were saying, “Mom!”

Stefanie says that as soon as they saw Lily’s sweet face pop up on their TV, they couldn’t help but laugh – and rush to the front door as fast as they could, of course!

Ever since returning home, Lily has made the doorbell camera a part of her routine. Every time she comes back home from adventuring, she lets everyone in her family know by alerting them from the front door.

“She comes back the same exact way,” Stefanie Whitley said. “She hops up on the railing in front of the camera and starts meowing for me.”

Watch Lily make her grand entrance after four days of being missing in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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