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2 Men Turn Mud And Sticks Into Mind-Boggling 3-Story House With A Waterslide.

If you’ve been looking around for a tutorial on how to build a three-story mud house with your bare hands, well, you’ve come to the right place.

On the mind-blowing YouTube channel Evolution Primitive Time, you can watch two men create everything from a waterslide tower to a mud skyscraper. But one of our favorite videos is their unbelievable mud house with both a waterslide and a swimming pool. Best of all, they make it using only the tools that Mother Nature gave them!

In a video, we see the two friends start out with nothing but a few holes in the ground and a collection of logs. All of a sudden, this unassuming duo starts to catch our attention when a few materials quickly turn into the frame of a three-story tower!

Using sticks, straw, and other bits of nature, they construct the floorboards, mud walls, roof, and winding waterslide.

The time-lapse recording makes it seem as though the entire project takes a matter of hours (if that). They finally put the finishing touches on their bamboo slide and luxury grade swimming pool, which they fully paint using even more earthen materials.

To top it all off, they create some scenic decor, fill up the pool with water, and go for a swim – a well-deserved treat after completing this stunning work of architectural art!

Watch their innovative process in the video below, and share this amazing feat of genius with a friend.

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