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Grizzly Bear Cub Caught “Dancing” In Silly Footage Captured By Trail Camera

Images show a grizzly bear cub using a small tree as a back scratcher.

Help Alberta Wildies Society (HAWS) uses stationary motion-sensor trail cameras to capture footage in the Canadian wilderness. They aim to track the wild horses that roam the area and check herd size, appearance, and behavior patterns. Occasionally, the cameras catch other wildlife that frequents the same area. That happened in 2022 when their cameras spotted a family of bears (mom and two cubs) wandering through. All seemed normal until one grizzly bear cub stopped next to a tree.

A Silly “Dance” Ensues

The video has been edited to add music. Three bears approach the crest of a small rise while ominous music plays in the background. The mom and one cub pass the small tree as the second cub stops. Suddenly, the not-so-little grizzly bear cub stands on his hind legs.

Image shows a momma bear and her two grizzly bear cubs out for a stroll.
Image from Facebook.

The music shifts to an upbeat dance tune. With his back to the tree, the grizzly bear cub shimmies and shakes to his beat. Reaching to grasp a branch, the bear seems intent on putting on a great show. His hips wiggle as his shoulders sway, and he grooves to the beat of nature. The bear gets very animated using the small tree like a professional dancer. His head bobs and weaves to the unheard music as the tree sways.

Images show a grizzly bear cub using a tree as a back scratcher.
Image from Facebook.

This entire scene was courtesy of an itchy back. The grizzly bear cub was only using the tree as a back scratcher. Without music, the scene would be rather boring. But the clever editing by the HAWS video editor makes it a viral-worthy clip. As stated, the original footage is from 2022. The video editor is awaiting the delivery of new computer equipment, so they decided to share some older, fun clips. We’re glad they did.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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