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Meet Our New Favorite Meow-vie Star Whose Purrfect Parodies Have Us Rolling.

scene from avengers: endgame with owkitty edited on captain america's shoulder

Every once in a while, we stumble across something online that reminds us of the true potential of social media and the Internet as a whole. This is one of those times.

Meet Lizzy, stage name: OwlKitty. She’s a 2 year old cat living in Portland, Oregon, and she’s the star of a number of box-office hits and highly rated tv shows… well, kind of. Her human parents, Thibault (Tibo) Charroppin and Olivia Boone, use their combined skills to edit their talented kitty into scenes of movies in such a realistic way, it’s legit mind-blowing. Grab some popcorn and enjoy some of our favorites below!

1. The only thing more terrifying than a vicious dinosaur is an adorably giant kitty that you desperately want to pet but probably shouldn’t.

2. Who says cats don’t like water?

3. Now this would truly be the most epic battle of all time.

4. Let’s be real: if Kevin had a cat on his side, this movie would be way shorter than the original.

5. Rom-coms? Overdone! What we really need more of are stories about the love between a human and their chaotic yet endearing cat.

6. Nobody puts OwlKitty in the corner.

7. Thanos wouldn’t have stood a chance against OwlKitty.

8. Eleven secretly having an invisible cat doing everything for her would hands-down be the ultimate plot twist.

OwlKitty may not be the official star of these shows and films, but she’s a true star nonetheless! Let’s not forget to give credit to her insanely talented humans, too. We have no idea how Tibo and Olivia edit these videos so flawlessly or how they manage to get their cat to cooperate so well, but every single one of their videos is an absolute gem! Which one was your favorite?

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