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Friends Spot Sea Turtle Trapped Upside Down In The Sun And Rush Over To Save Him.

two men on a beach saving a sea turtle that is stuck on its back

The ocean is one of the most beautiful wonders on our planet, and Brodie Moss is dedicated to helping keep it clean and safe for humans and animals alike. That’s why he and his friends had to stop what they were doing when they discovered a sea turtle upside down on a beach.

Brodie and his friends were enjoying a nice day out on a boat when they spotted the stuck sea turtle. Once he was able to get on land, he rushed to the poor creature, relieved to find out the turtle was still breathing. According to Brodie, the high tide likely wouldn’t return to the turtle’s level for weeks. With the risk of overheating, there was no chance of him surviving that long.

Thankfully, the group got there just in time! With the help of a friend, Brodie was able to get him back on his flippers! As soon as he was safe again, this sweet turtle scurried back out into the ocean, and his rescuers celebrated.

Watch the rescue mission below and don’t forget to share.

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