This Scientist’s Slow Motion Video Of Moths Is As Soothing As It Is Fascinating.

Polyphemus moth in slow motion

Moths are often considered to be the butterfly’s ugly cousin, but when you see them up close, you might think differently! Dr. Adrian Smith enjoys using the “fancy science cameras” to capture insects like these in gloriously slow motion, highlighting the surprisingly adorable qualities of each species.


Filmed in Cornish, New Hampshire, over the course of a week, Adrian captured six varieties of the insect, photographed them, and then released them. His camera shoots at 6,000 frames per second with a macro lens, allowing the viewer to inspect these creatures like never before. Did you know that rosy maple moths are as bright pink and furry as a stuffed toy? Or that there are kinds of moths that appear to have mohawks and leg warmers? We sure didn’t, but we do now!

The video is not just visually stunning; it’s also soothing thanks to Adrian’s calm voice and gentle background music. Check it out in the video below to see why moths are our new favorite creatures, and don’t forget to share this story.

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