Meet Lionel And Amos, An Odd Couple Who Found Love In A Hopeless Place.

Amos the pig and Lionel the cow

A pig named Amos and a bull named Lionel are living their best lives after being rescued from truly disturbing conditions at a roadside stand in south Florida.

The then-piglet and calf – alongside a slew of other animals – were living in cardboard boxes with no food or water. Their cages weren’t ever cleaned out, and they were near death when a kind stranger intervened and reported their owners to the authorities. They were rescued and brought to the SFSPCA.

The moment they arrived at the shelter, rescuers noticed the pair had managed to form an unlikely friendship while living in the most deplorable conditions they’d ever seen. Some people thought the duo should be separated for safety’s sake, but rescuers knew that doing so would hurt these already traumatized animals even more. They decided to find them a home together at Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida, who welcomed the little “chosen family” with open arms.

“We were thrilled to be able to bring them to the sanctuary,” said Erin Amerman of the Critter Creek Farm and Sanctuary. “They were a little bit hesitant at first to go out of the stall, but then they did and they met some of their new friends, and that’s when they started to relax. Lionel started to run around, do zoomies and his happy kicks. Amos followed and ran after him, and they chased each other around. It was really nice to see them at ease.”

Amos and Lionel continued their adorable friendship in their new home, warming the hearts of everyone who saw their close bond in action.

“He kind of thinks that Lionel is his mom,” Erin said of the piglet. “Any time something scary happens or he needs to feel safe, he runs towards him and he will hide underneath him, and Lionel will clean him and rub his head on him.”

Erin says the pair “genuinely love each other,” and since they both lost their own families at such a young age, they seem to have chosen each other to be their new family. They may be different species, but they have one thing in common: love!

“It’s so heartwarming to see how animals can find love in the darkest situations,” said Erin. “To see these two able to love as deeply as they do, it gives me hope.”

Now, Amos and Lionel are not so little, but they’re still best friends! Amos and Lionel got to grow up together in a safe environment. We can’t imagine a happier ending for these sweet animals.

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