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Meet Kefir, The Main Coon Cat Who’s So Enormous He Gets Mistaken For A Dog!

a woman named yuliya minina struggling to hold her large maine coon cat named kefir

Large dogs are notorious for acting as if they’re still tiny puppies, but have you ever seen a cat like that?

Either way, we’re very excited to introduce you to Kefir, the fabulous Maine Coon who has stolen the hearts of thousands through her mom’s social media. His breed is known for being larger than the average cat, but at 26.5 pounds and three months short of 2 years old, his size is still considered to be impressive. Plus, he still has time to grow!

“It’s normal for Maine Coons to keep growing up until they are 3 years old,” Yuliya Minina, Kefir’s owner said.

It’s no wonder then, that when first meeting special cats like Kefir, most people aren’t quite sure what they’re looking at. But Yuliya doesn’t mind!

“It’s funny how others react when they see the cat because it is huge,” she said. “Many people think that it’s a dog at first.”

But just like every other cat, Kefir started off as a tiny little kitten, and that’s exactly how he was when Yuliya adopted him in her small town in Russia.

Of all the kittens available for her to choose from, Kefir stood out to her the most because of his beautiful white fur – that’s why he was given a name that means “dairy milk!”

Despite his massive size, Yuliya likes to describe Kefir as “… a gentle small kitten in the body of a massive beast.”

Having such a large cat does come with some challenges, though. For example, Yuliya’s house is full of large amounts of cat hair that no amount of lint rollers could ever conquer. Plus, Kefir likes to jump on her at night when she sleeps.

“He didn’t do that when he was smaller and it wouldn’t be that inconvenient, but now the cat became very big and heavy,” she said. “It’s not that easy to sleep like that.”

Despite the difficulties, it’s all worth it for Kefir’s company. Every time Yuliya and her family sit down to eat, he’s sure to be sitting down with them next to the dining table, just like the family member that he is.

“But in general, this is a super-smart cat,” she said. “It weirdly can feel the general mood in the house. Kefir doesn’t meow, doesn’t yell, and doesn’t harm the furniture. A truly perfect cat.”

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