Meet Jasper, The Curious Cat “Living The Dream” In His Own Customized Fish Tank.

a siamese cat named jasper batting at fish inside of a tank while he's inside a cube shaped indention at the bottom of the tank

Whoever says that you should never spoil your pet has clearly never experienced the beauty that is giving a cat their own personalized aquarium.

That’s exactly what Melissa Krieger did for her beloved Jasper. The idea came to her when her fish supplier was cleaning her tank: Instead of just letting her adorable Siamese watch from a distance, what if she could give him a 360-degree view?

To make this dream a reality, Melissa contacted Aquatics & Exotics who were thrilled to create the custom tank of Jasper’s dreams.

For starters, this impressive tank is 4 feet by 2-and-a-half feet and holds 125 pounds of saltwater – this is the perfect environment for all kinds of colorful and fascinating tropical fish.

But the pièce de résistance is hands down the cube-shaped indention at the bottom, the perfect size for a curious cat.

In total, this extravagant gift for her cat cost $2,500, but Melissa couldn’t be happier with her purchase – in fact, she might be just as happy as Jasper!

“You spend that much on a TV and this is like a TV for cats,” Melissa said. “As soon as we feed the fish, he comes running. He’s living the dream.”

Part of the reason why Jasper loves his aquarium so much stems from his instinct to stalk prey. This is something that every cat has, and it’s the reason why it’s so important they have enough stimulation. Otherwise, cats end up taking on unwanted behavior like scratching furniture and not using their litter box.

Unfortunately for Jasper, this means that he’s not the only one wanting to spend their time admiring (and plotting their capture of) Melissa’s gorgeous tropical fish. His sister, Willow, loves spending time there as well, and let’s just say they aren’t always the best at taking turns.

Sibling rivalry aside, splurging on this custom tank has turned out even better than Melissa could have hoped, and there’s no doubt that she would do again in a heart beat.

“It’s great to see him so happy because you’ve got to stimulate their brains,” she said. “It’s definitely been worth the money.”

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