15 Derpy Animal Moments That Prove Life’s Too Short To Be Serious

a large black dog attacking a snowball mid-air and a woman standing with a horse in the background while another horse gets close to the camera and sticks its tongue out

Animals are such fascinating creatures. They can be impressively strong, fast, elegant, and… derpy. Seriously, there is not a single animal out there who doesn’t like to show off their silly side every once in a while.

As amazing as these moments are to experience in person, they’re also pretty great when they’ve been captured forever in a photo. In fact, that’s exactly why we’ve collected some of the best derpy animal photos we could find online – just keep scrolling for a whole plethora of goofiness!

1. “Baron is the hide and seek champ.”

2. “[This cat] wouldn’t stop yelling about how it’s stuck when it got in there in the first place.”

3. According to Daisy, this is the only way to sleep.

4. When you can’t go longer than 0.2 seconds without attention.

5. “Waiting patiently for me to drop another pellet for him to catch mid fall. I wonder if he is aware that a pellet is on his head?”

6. When you find a position so comfortable that you refuse to move ever again.

7. “My cat jumping at her wet food.”

8. Can you tell that it’s his first snow ever?

9. Hoot do you think you are?

10. So derpy. So chonky. So purrfect.

11. “Just got to our beach vacation and I managed to capture this majestic look on the face of my big derp.”

12. Nothing out of the ordinary here!

13. “This is just… who I am.”

14. Looks like someone is mastering the art of the selfie!

15. “This bear put a lot of trust into a small branch. Bit of a mystery what the plan was here. It was just derping out licking the leaves.”

Like people, animals also have plenty of goofy moments. Us humans tend to feel awkward or self-conscious when it happens to us, but as you’ve seen from this list, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being silly. In fact, silliness just makes the world a more fun and interesting place!

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