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Meet Hamlet The Ring-Necked Parrot — The Cheekiest Little Chap You’ve Ever Seen!

hamlet the parrot

He’s chatty, he’s cheeky, and his name is Hamlet! Hamlet is a ring-necked parrot owned by creator Bridget Chant, who shares his antics with the world on her TikTok page. Hamlet the parrot has so much personality that it’s no surprise he’s got well over 4 million followers! 

This cutie has a handful of catchphrases, but our personal favorite has to be “What doing?” The best part is that he seems to use this pretty accurately, sticking his beak in and asking when he’s curious about something. 

A close second to the hilarious “What doing?” catchphrase has to be his kisses. Hamlet has a knack for giving kisses, particularly two kinds. He gives one big kiss, or smaller quieter kisses. They’re essentially impossible to describe with any accuracy, so you’ll just have to see yourself. 

Hamlet seems to love to perform his favorite words for the camera.

“He [sees] the phone and it’s like he reverts back to his most practiced words, like he is in performance mode,” His owner Bridget told 9Honey. “He tends to stick to what he knows best, but he does have quite [the] vocabulary.”

Bridget also shared how much Hamlet the parrot has touched his many followers. From messages about how Hamlet cheers them up on a bad day to how Hamlet helps their children learn to communicate more clearly, this cheeky little bird has touched many lives. 

hamlet the parrot

That connection is what Bridget’s goal is and always has been.

“My only goal then is the same as now, I post him to share joy, to promote being in the moment and show the love in our relationship as equal. He has his own loud and clever personality that is such a joy to share.” 

Bridget and Hamlet the parrot will keep sharing joy, so if you need a dose of it today, just watch a few more of their videos. You could even take a page out of Bridget’s book, and make it your goal to share a small amount of joy with someone today. The world can always use more happiness! 

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