Chaotic Shiba Inu Baffles Everyone With Her Puzzling Airplane Antics.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a dog standing in the baggage compartment of a plane. The second photo shows the kennel that dog broke out of.

As much as we would all like to join first class when taking a flight, that’s not an option for many of us. It can suck sometimes, but we make the most out of our situation — then there’s Sputnik the Shiba Inu. On a recent flight with her human, John Krajewski, not only was she not a fan of her spot on the plane, she did quite literally everything she could to make that known.


In fact, she ended up creating her own spot. By the time the plane landed, this clever dog had escaped her kennel and was found roaming the baggage compartment. While she was entirely okay, it was alarming nonetheless to find that she had chewed through the metal lock and zip ties that were supposed to keep her inside the kennel. Oh, and did we mention she was on a full dose of sedatives?

“She acts like nothing happened and is totally fine,” John said. “… So glad she’s ok and kinda impressed she managed to escape.”

Watch John recount Sputnik’s unusual flight antics in the video below.

@johnkrajewski My Shiba Inu 'Sputnik' escapes her kennel mid flight! #shibainu #escapeartist #dogsoftiktok #airlines ♬ Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

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