Meet Guus, The 22-Lb Bunny With The Personality Of A Dog And A Heart Of Gold.

A two-photo collage. The first is a selfie of Danielle smiling big as she lays down with Guus laying on top of her. The second is of Guus the bunny standing with his front paws in his food bowl.

It’s often said that we don’t choose our pets – they choose us.

Such is the case for Danielle and her pet rabbit, Guus. It’s hard to miss how cuddly he is when you first meet him. After all, Guus is 22 pounds of fluffy fun!

Danielle shared that she has always loved animals so when she and her boyfriend started thinking about getting a pet, naturally a dog came to mind. She told Bored Panda:

When I was young I grew up with dogs. So automatically I asked for a puppy. Since we live in Amsterdam and have a dynamic life, a dog didn’t fit for now. My boyfriend suggested a house bunny. Besides, I thought that bunnies would not be affectionate or cuddly at all, but we still wanted to give it a try. And so Guus came into our lives.

You might think that it would require a little more work to care for a rabbit of this size but nope! Guus, who is also known as “Guus, the Flemish giant,” online is pretty laid back and enjoys a good cuddle just like any other pet.

“Well, he was potty trained in about 2-3 weeks,” she said. “Also, his toilet needs to be cleaned twice a week. We brush him and play with him. But for the rest, it’s just cuddling and enjoying his company.”

Aside from his cute appearance, the 2-year-old also has another interesting trait – he actually acts more like a dog. In the morning, he runs to the back of the house to go outside when Danielle opens the door. He’ll then come in for a few cuddles and snacks. He also likes to jump up on the couch to sit next to her. 

Like most pets, he loves to seek attention, often in the form of head rubs. And, true to his dog-like personality, he loves going for walks in his neighborhood – that even includes chasing cats!

The magnitude of Guus’ sweetness never fails to impress everyone who meets him. In fact, it seems he can get along with anyone!

“Everyone who sees him for the first time is amazed of his size and how friendly he is,” she said. “It’s easy for kids, adults but also dogs and cats to be around him. He has such a good personality.”

At first, Guus mainly remained in his cage. Now, however, this clever little guy is free to roam the house as he wishes. Though, he does like to keep to a schedule, specifically one that involves lots of family time.

“He is very used to a routine every day,” Danielle said. “In the morning, he knows he gets the vegetables. He always follows me to the kitchen. And the funny thing is, when we start eating, he always goes to his little feeder bowl actually to get some food as well. He always eats together with us.”

According to Danielle, Guus is truly a one-of-a-kind bunny, and that’s what she loves about him. For her, every morning with him is a blessing. In other words, it’s safe to say that Guus is much more than just a pet – he’s a dear friend.

“He’s so unique,” Danielle said. “He’s so cute. He’s like a little teddy bear. You can do everything with him. I never expected this from a bunny. And so he’s surprising us every day.”

What a perfect match! We’re so happy Danielle’s family and Guus found one another.

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