Meet Darth Gator, Who Comes Marching When You Play His Theme Song!

An alligator comes crawling out of the water.

In the depths of the Florida Everglades lurks a massive… Star Wars fan? Everglades Holiday Park revealed that one of their alligators, affectionately named Darth Gator, has a penchant for the film franchise’s soundtrack. Specifically, he loves “The Imperial March,” otherwise known as the theme song of his namesake, Darth Vader. In fact, any time the alligator hears this tune playing, he comes crawling right over!


Darth Gator has been caught on camera reacting to “his” theme song, and the footage is too funny. Everglades Holiday Park shared a video on X, in which the alligator emerges from the water as soon as “The Imperial March” starts playing. He then ambles toward the source of the music, where he receives a treat for his troubles.

Darth Gator comes crawling out of the water.
Screengrab from Everglades/X

“Darth Gator hearing check,” reads the caption. “It’s pretty amazing that he responds to his own theme song, and comes straight to Paul!”

Watch the video below to see Darth Gator march to his favorite melody.

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