Kitten Isn’t So Sure About New Canine Brother At First… But Look At Them Now!

A giant husky lays on a bed, partially on top of a kitten. The kitten looks over at the camera, eyes wide as if asking, "Are you seeing this?"

For many of us, the idea of having a home full of adorable four-legged friends sounds like the dream. However, the folks who run the YouTube account Life with Malamutes, they’ve made this dream a reality. For a while, they had three Alaskan malamutes named Phil, Niko, and Teddy, along with a Maine coon cat called Milo. Recently, though, they added a new member to their family: a second cat named Kodi.


As much fun as it is to have a home full of pets, one of the challenges is making sure that they all get along. This process can take some time but, with patience, it’s possible. This has certainly been the case for Kodi who, despite being surrounded by giant wolf-like creatures, isn’t afraid to make bold choices, like eat from Phil’s bowl.

A small kitten and large husky sit on the bed next to each other. The dog is yawning, mouth wide open. The kitten stares right into his mouth.

Luckily, Kodi and Teddy are starting to warm up to one another. In fact, when this massive dog partially sat on Kodi, the surprised kitten didn’t seem to mind — though he did look over to Mom with an expression that said, “Are you seeing this?”

Watch Teddy the husky and Kodi the kitten start to become best friends in the video below.

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