Meet Blarn, The Blanket-Dragging Cat (Who Can Do Other Stuff Too!)

cat dragging blanket

Blarn the Cat is full of talent. Known most notably for his blanket-dragging capabilities, this cat is highly skilled and highly adorable.


We’ll be highlighting some of the cutest things that Blarn is capable of here.

Blarn the Cat dragging a blanket.
This adorable image is from TikTok.

Of course, Blarn is best known for dragging blankets across a room. How incredible.

But he can do other things.

Blarn the Cat swatting a hanger.
This precious picture is from TikTok.

He’s known to take down a hanger, too. Look at the intensity in Blarn’s eyes! I’ve hardly ever seen a more powerful kitty cat.

Blarn is also known to take out some aggression on his cat sister, Edna.

two cats stand on a precipice ready to fight
This impressive image is from TikTok.

See the two fighting on a precipice. Edna is ready to take him down. Ears are back and both cats are looking intense.

Of course, Edna and Blarn kiss and make up at the end of the day. No hard feelings.

Blarn has become an internet sensation. In fact, over a hundred thousand viewers have liked this talented kitty in action. While everyone loves a cat with skills, Blarn has a special place in hearts this winter.

“Those blanket waddles melted my frozen heart,” commented one viewer, overcome by the heartwarming effect of Blarn.

“The hanger really went for him, he had no choice but to defend himself,” said another viewer, noticing his brilliant self-defense skills.

Blarn is truly one of a kind. See all of his skills in action below!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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