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Tiny Kitten Trapped In Fireplace Vent Pipe Meows For Help — And Finds A New Family!

Some people get a new pet by going to an animal shelter. Others, however, find themselves in situations that make them ask, “Was I destined to become a new pet parent?” For a family in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, the latter came true for them this month.

The Whisler family were enjoying a night at home when, out of nowhere, they began to hear cries from what sounded like a kitten. With a little investigating, they confirmed that the sound was not only coming from inside their home but from the fireplace vent – and a frightened kitty was trapped inside of it.

Without them knowing, the fireplace vent was uncapped, allowing space for the poor feline to wiggle his way inside. There wasn’t enough room, however, for him to get out. Not on his own, anyway.

Determined to free him ASAP, Kass, her husband John, and their son, Nate, knocked a hole in the wall. From there, they used tools to cut open the metal pipe the kitten had gotten himself into. The kitten, who was meowing the entire time, was surprisingly calm once free.

As soon as the Whisler family laid eyes on him, they knew they had to keep him – so they did! And because they found him on Memorial Day, they named the little guy Murph after Lt. Michael Murphy, a United States Navy SEAL Medal of Honor recipient.

Watch the Whisler family free their new animal friend, Murph, in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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