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McDonalds Refuses Homeless Lady Cup Of Water, Then Stranger Steps In To Defend Her.

British man Jonathon Pengelly was grabbing some food at Mcdonalds when his night took an unexpected turn. While standing in the “dreaded queue” he noticed a woman in front of him who was clearly homeless denied a simple request for hot water. Instead of ignoring the woman, Pengelly decided to do whatever he could to help her. He took to Facebook to describe his incredible encounter below.

Well, my night took an unexpected turn! So I finished my night out, ended up in the dreaded McDonald’s queue. I couldn’t help but notice the lady in front me, all she asked for was a cup of hot water. The member of staff told her no. I don’t know what was going through their mind but a lady, clearly homeless was asking for a basic human right; and for a multi billion pound company, for them to say no is disgusting!

My heart was shattered! So I spoke to her and told her to order what she wanted, expecting her to order everything. I was so shocked. She asked for a single cheese burger and that was it. We bought as much as we could carry so I knew she wasn’t going to be hungry. I couldn’t just leave this lady go, she was so warming and so lovely.

So I sat with her, on the cold hard floor, in the middle of winter and you know what I did? I cried my eyes out.

Jonathon Pengelly

It costs nothing to be kind, and I genuinely hope people share this to raise awareness of homelessness throughout the UK! Me and Polly have chatted on the phone and I’ve promised her that she will never go hungry or cold again! I’ve given her blankets, pillows and a backpack full of food.

If you see someone on the streets, don’t look down on them like they’re nothing. You don’t know what they’ve been though! spare a little thought!

Polly, you’ve changed me! â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸

Cheers to Jonathon and his new friend Polly for highlighting the world wide problem of homelessness in such a beautiful way. Help his message catch fire by sharing with your friends today!

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