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Siri Tries To Understand Dog’s Woofs & Their Conversation Is Too Good.

We’ve all been there – asking Siri to “Call Mom” only for her to open maps and try to navigate you to the nearest hardware store. The iPhone AI feature is simultaneously genius and infuriating.

When samoyed pup, Maya, tried to have a conversation with Siri, the assistant once again tried her best to understand, and give the right answer.


Maya is kind of a big deal on the internet. She has nearly 700,000 Instagram followers, over 400,000 Facebook fans, and 85,000 Twitter companions. Her popularity is no surprise because she’s really, really cute.

The pup’s social media accounts are run by her owner (we wish Maya actually managed them herself, too) who posts funny photos and videos of her adventures and antics.


Recently, Maya’s owner shared a video of the dog having a conversation with Siri. In it, the pup “speaks” and Siri has a “hard time understanding”. Maya persists anyway, and keeps trying to communicate with the technology. Soon enough, they seem to be having a little back and forth. In fact, Siri bashfully responds to what she believes is Maya asking her age, saying “I’m no spring chicken”.


Maya’s fans (obviously) love the video and have showered it with likes and shares. However, the video’s caption is what has earned most of the comments. In the post, Maya’s owner asked, “You are given 10 seconds to talk to your dogs and they understand you. What would you say?”

Fellow-dog lovers have taken the opportunity to declare their love for their own pups. Many said they’d simply tell their pet how much they love them or apologize for that one time they stepped on their tail by mistake.


Watch Maya’s silly conversation with Siri in the video below & be sure to share with your friends! Then, go tell your pet how much you love it!

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