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Cat Crashes Fashion Show & Has Everyone Laughing At Her Ridiculous Antics.

catwalk istanbul

Fashion shows are brimming with posh supermodels, celebrities, and high-powered business people looking to buy merchandise for their stores. So it stands to reason that if there’s an uninvited party crasher, they’re swiftly removed from the premises.

But when an uninvited guest perched themselves right on the catwalk of the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey, no one did anything about it. In fact, the models seemed positively delighted by the frisky crasher…

cat walk crash

Yes, that’s a cat. Who knows how she got in there, much less without a ticket. But hey, she’s a cat and anyone who’s ever tried to tell a cat where to go or when knows that always ends in tears. So the models just accepted their furry counterpart would move along when she was good and ready and continued strutting their stuff, even as the cat plopped down and, rather immodestly, started grooming herself.

cat grooming fashion show

We can’t tell whether she’s just indifferent to the whole thing or she’s being purposefully insolent, but it’s pretty darn hilarious no matter which view you take!

When one model starts strutting off the catwalk, the gray and white tabby does what any cat would do… she just can’t help herself from taking a swipe at the woman’s dress. This is playtime, right?


But the most hilarious part comes just moments later when, done with her grooming, the cat flips back onto her feet and stalks her way down the catwalk.

‘Cause I’m a model, you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah, on the catwalk

cat fashion show catwalk

That delighted everybody, including one YouTuber who claimed the cat was “teaching the models the actual CATWALK.”

Get off, Hooman, lemme show you how it’s done!


“Everybody was in shock,” fashion designer Göksen Hakkı Ali said afterward.

Watch the whole fiasco in the video below, and share to spread a smile!

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