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When 8-Yr-Old Dancer Can’t Make Ballet Recital, He Choreographs His Own!

Maximus Turner has been breaking stereotypes since he was just 2 years old.

While it still isn’t common to see boys performing ballet, Maximus’ 6-year-old sister Liliana isn’t the only dancer in their family! In fact, her older brother is at his happiest when he’s pirouetting!

The 8-year-old started dancing as a toddler. According to his mom, Michelle Turner, he hasn’t stopped since!

“He’s always doing aerials and stuff in our living room,” she told GMA. “He dances nonstop. It’s in his bones.”

That said, it isn’t always easy for Maximus to do what he loves. His dad is a member of the U.S. Army, so their family moves around a lot, which means he never stays at the same dance studio for long.

Michelle has also warned him that he may receive mean comments from people who think dancing is only for girls. Still, nothing has ever dampened his dream of becoming a professional dancer!

He recently faced another roadblock. He couldn’t perform in his studio’s end-of-year recital because of COVID-19. Then, before it could be rescheduled, his family moved to Alabama.

Instead of letting disappointment get the best of him, Maximus got creative. In June, he put on his own at-home recital with Liliana as his costar!

The adorable pair put plenty of work into their unique collaboration, researching music selections, choreographing solos, and putting together a finishing duet of their own design. And they did an amazing job!

Their proud mom shared the performance on Instagram, where it quickly melted thousands of hearts.

Not only is this one of the cutest dances we’ve ever seen, but it also shows that Maximus won’t let anything get in the way of his passion! What’s more, he’s inspiring other kids to chase their dreams, no matter what people may think. He may only be 8, but he’s already a wonderful role model!

Check out his impressive routine in the video below, and share this story so these cuties can bring smiles to more faces.

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