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Matthew McConaughey Reevaluates The Pursuit Of Happiness With Eye-Opening Clarity.

Matthew McConaughey on the pursuit of happiness. Image shows the star seated, in a white shite with several buttons undone, wearing lightly shaded glasses.

Matthew McConaughey may or may not be on your list of favorite celebrities. No matter. He has become more vocal on many issues as he ages. With that has evolved a philosophical part of him many didn’t believe possible. He has become a wise and thoughtful soul, and he periodically expresses his thoughts on social media. Recently, he took on the pursuit of happiness, leaving us with the question of “why” we pursue happiness.

In the short Twitter video, Matthew McConaughey lays out the basis for his thoughts and brings up a valid point. Happiness is something that every person wants to achieve in life. He proposes that we stop pursuing happiness and instead try to pursue joy. Applying some sound reasoning, he adds that “happiness” is a destination and that we think once we get there, we’ll be happy. Describing “joy” as the process of achieving happiness, he states that it is something we can have every day.

There is joy in everything. He explains that as we experience joy we should relish those moments. We should linger in the process of our journey to the final destination of happiness. By laying out his reasoning, he lets us know that joy is an attainable goal. All it takes is a slight shift in how we process our thoughts in our pursuit of happiness.

It makes sense and is certainly something to think about. See for yourself:

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