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Swan Couple Has Sweetest Reunion Ever After Being Separated For Weeks.

swan reunion

Swans are synonymous with beauty and grace, but everlasting love should be added to that list because they almost always mate for life.

Last year, a video of two swans reuniting went viral because of the incredible display of all of these characteristics. It not only shows how powerful love is for every species, but also the wonderful work rescue organizations do for the animals in their care.


Swans and other birds are unfortunately susceptible to botulism, which is caused by a toxin that attacks the body’s nervous system. Last year, volunteers with a Netherlands animal rescue found a female swan who had contracted this rare disease. Without treatment, she could die – which would have been tragic in itself. But they also knew she was part of a mated pair, and that if she died, her mate would be devastated.

So they captured her, and after three weeks of treatment and recuperation, she was finally ready to rejoin her beloved.


In the video, volunteer Roland van Goch brings her to the edge of her pond and unzips the bag to set her free. Her mate anxiously drifts nearby, anticipating the moment they can celebrate their reunion. She hits the water with a little splash and makes a beeline toward her love, giving her tail feathers a shake for good measure.


Then, the most touching moment of all: Beak-to-beak, they start swiveling their long, elegant necks in tandem, and in the shape of a heart, no less! They obviously have no way of knowing what a heart shape symbolizes to us humans, but regardless, it couldn’t be more appropriate for the occasion!


Roland was surprised, but pleased, that the video went viral, saying he hopes it helps spread the message that “people should honor and love all creatures, big or small, and help them when needed.â€

Check out this adorable love fest in the clip below, and share to spread the love.

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