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Massive Gray Whale Approaches Boaters To “Ask” For Pets & Chin Rubs

A large gray whale emerges from the water

Whenever you encounter an animal in the wild, it’s always important to stay safe — no matter how adorable they might be. This is all-the-more true, of course, when it comes to massive creatures like gray whales. Still, if you’ve never had the opportunity to be around one, you might be surprised at their degree of friendliness. Despite humans’ history with these mammals, more recently, their relationship with us has become quite wholesome. This is something you can see in tons of gray whale watching videos.

Still, there’s something particularly special about the one uploaded by Natalia Fimbres, a Wildlife Ecotourism Operator. Despite the number of similar adventures she’s been on, even she was amazed at the way a gray whale happily approached her group’s boat. With Coldplay playing through speaker, the humans and this curious whale interact in an unforgettable way.

Between the pets and kisses, this is certainly a magical moment for everyone involved! In fact, there’s even a moment where the whale turns over on their back, seemingly asking for belly rubs. How cute is that!?

“And we had one of the most incredible interaction of the season,” Natalia shares in the caption of her video. “I hope you feel the energy and the [endorphins] running through your body as you witness the beauty and power of this leviathan of the sea.”

Woman Captures Unforgettable Interaction During Gray Whale Watching Adventure

Based on many of the comments, it’s clear that even witnessing this moment on social media is having a positive impact on folks.

“I think they are as curious about us as we are of them,” someone writes, “and it looks like they might like being touched.”

“This was so beautiful to watch,” another person shares. “I imagine your souls were FILLED with love, joy, and gratitude. You ladies are so lucky!!”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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