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Mariachi Band Serenades A Beluga Whale & He Can’t Get Enough Of Their Sweet Tunes.

mariachi beluga

Humpbacks may be the whales best known for their singing abilities, but here’s a bit of possibly useless trivia: Belugas have such a love for music that they’ve earned the moniker “canaries of the sea”due to their bird-like squawks, chirps, whistles, and trills.

While it’s well established that cetaceans know how to sing, before watching this video, we had no idea just how much they enjoyed listening to human music, too. For the cold, hard proof, take a peek at the video below, which was taken back in the summer of 2011 at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.

Mariachi Connecticut

A mariachi band, Los Trovadores de America, based out of Hartford, Connecticut, had been hired that day to play at a wedding. But they took a timeout to serenade Juno, a resident beluga whale who was nine years old at the time. Because, hey, why should humans have all the fun?


Eduardo Rocha, the band’s guitarist, said the beluga probably couldn’t hear the band through the thick glass, but the sound almost certainly traveled through the water since the top of the tank was open.


Watch Juno bob and sway to the sounds of this festive music, and share if you agree this is just about as awesome as it gets!

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