Teen On Anesthesia Is Convinced Her Tongue Fell Out, But Dad Can’t Stop Laughing At Sassy Reaction!

We’re not exactly sure what anesthesiologist are handing out these days, but it seems lately videos of patients post surgery have been popping up all over the place… and they’re always hilarious! We told you before about the girl who woke up after nose surgery claiming she was Beyoncé. Then there was the girl who– under the effect of some serious meds– tried to propose to her handsome nurse! Maria, the girl in the video below, has now joined their ranks after her parents filmed her post wisdom teeth surgery.

According to the YouTube video‘s description, “Maria had her 4 wisdom teeth removed and woke up from anesthesia showing her teenage sassy personality.”

At first, it takes Maria a second to get to the sass. Her initial reaction is more on the confused side. “My tongue fell out again!” she says in a panic. When her parents explain that her tongue is in her mouth, where it is supposed to be, Maria moves on to making other observations.

For example, when Maria notices the wires in her bed, the sass comes out: “What is this? Am I a toy or something?”

But as entertaining as Maria is, the best part of the video may be her dad’s constant chuckling throughout the video. He is clearly getting a kick out of this!

Check out the hilarious video below and share!


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