Girl Under Anesthesia Claims She’s Beyoncé, When Mom Tries To Question Her She Responds In Pure Diva Fashion.

Girl under anesthesia acting like beyonce

As we have seen before, anesthesia can affect people in crazy ways! Remember this man who kept flirting with his wife after surgery? Or this young woman who thought she was in love with her nurse? In both cases, some heavy meds had patients feeling flirtatious, but the patient in the video below had a slightly different (but still hilarious!) experience.


In the video below, a young woman named Samantha is recovering from surgery on her nose. Her mom records her as she comes to, and Samantha isn’t feeling too hot. America’s Funniest Home Videos shared the video with the caption, “There’s a diva inside all of us,” something Samantha clearly knows to be true!

“I don’t feel fergalicious,” says Samantha, referencing The Black Eyes Peas singer and diva, Fergie. “I have a cast and I can’t even get it signed!” she says of the brace on her face.

But the attitude isn’t one-sided. Samantha’s mom comes back with a sassy response: “It’s on your nose, honey. Why would you want your nose signed?”

But the best part of the video comes when Samantha references another famous diva, perhaps the biggest diva of all: Beyoncé.

“I’m not Beyoncé right now,” she says.

“You’re not Beyoncé anyways, you’re Samantha,” argues Mom.

That last comment is clearly too much for Samantha. She fires back with the most expressive face she can muster! It’s so funny, even mom has to laugh!

Check out this diva’s response to Mom below… and share to spread some smiles!

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