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Margot Robbie Gives Us Another Reason To Adore Her In Moment With Deaf Fan.

Margot Robbie surprises hearing-impaired fans by speaking to them in BSL.

“Barbie” is one of the biggest blockbuster movies to grace the silver screen this decade, and the film just wouldn’t be the same without its leading lady, Margot Robbie. With her perky and intelligent portrayal of America’s favorite fashion doll, the Australian actress wins the hearts of even the toughest critics. In the movie, Barbie is all about inclusion and kindness, and it turns out Margot is a lot like her character in real life, too.

In two newly resurfaced videos from 2022, Margot gives fans yet another reason to love her. The videos were taken on the red carpet in London, England ahead of her film, “Amsterdam.” The actress was greeting her fans when a hearing impaired fan approached her with a “cheat sheet” for British Sign Language (BSL).

“Oh, I know it!” Margot exclaimed, handing off her papers to her assistant so she can speak with her hands.

After showing off the BSL alphabet, she tells them she is “happy to meet” them before moving on, presumably to spread her sunshine to another deserving fan.

A fan account shared the year-old video on Twitter, and another followed suit, so we now have two angles of our heroine being awesome. We already thought Margot was perfectly cast as Barbie, but this really seals it!

You can find the sources of this article’s featured image here and here.

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