Man’s Hilarious Approach To Filling Pothole Finally Gets City’s Attention.

Some problems require creative solutions, and this man from Allen, Texas, thought of a brilliant one.


Hundreds are cracking up over Max Miley’s unusual approach to fixing a safety hazard. He was on his way to the gym recently when he spotted a hole in the middle of a crosswalk at Pebblebrook Drive and North Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

max stands in crosswalk hole

The hole was so deep he couldn’t see the bottom. Recognizing it was an accident waiting to happen, he decided to alert authorities – by taking to social media! He uploaded a photo of his foot deep inside the hole on Facebook. “It has been there for too long and is a crosswalk that kids use to walk to school,” he wrote. “So I sent this picture to the city and will see how long it takes them to cover it.”

A day went by, but to Max’s disappointment, the hole was still there. Thankfully, that bump in the road didn’t stop him. Instead, it heated his creative fire! He shared two more photos, one of a baby doll sinking into the unknown depths and another of Max taking a new approach to golf.

doll in crosswalk hole

This time around, a friend sent the pictures to the city before he got the chance, and it worked like a charm. In just a few hours, Max updated both posts to share his victory!

golfing with crosswalk hole

A city worker had poured asphalt into the hole, putting an end to Max’s funny photo shoots – and more importantly, to the safety hazard.

city worker fills hole in crosswalk

The people following Max’s posts were understandably a little sad to see the issue resolved. Many commented to say they were going to miss his giggle-inducing photos. “Darn! This was just getting to be fun,” one person wrote. Another said, “I was enjoying your creative uses for it.”

filled hole

At least the people of Dallas know to call Max the next time they spot a hole in the road. His antics just go to show creativity and humor are more useful than anger when it comes to solving frustrating problems.

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