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Man Yanks Stranger Off Of Electrified Subway Tracks — And Gets The Best “Thanks!”

anthony perry surprised when he saw his new car

Thanks to his quick thinking and selfless heroism, Anthony Perry’s commute just got a whole lot smoother.

The 20-year-old travels about 90 minutes each way for his job in Chicago, Illinois. He was making this daily journey one day when a fight broke out on the CTA tracks as he waited for his train. One man spit on another, they fought, and both men ended up on the tracks.

The situation quickly escalated. The third rail of subway tracks are electrified, and one of the men made contact with the rail. Bystander video shows the tense scene as people realized what was happening. Suddenly, Anthony appears wearing a black sweatshirt. He leaps down onto the tracks, trying to avoid the electrified rail while moving the unconscious man off of it.

“I was hoping I could just grab him and not feel nothing,” Anthony said. “But I felt a little shock.”

After removing the man from the rail, he began chest compressions with help from a fellow commuter.

“There was a lady, I guess she had medical experience,” said Anthony. “She was talking me through on what to do. I feel like that was an angel from God. I ended up doing chest compressions and turning him on his side until the fire department got there.”

The man was badly burned, but he is expected to survive! Anthony suffered minor burns, but insists his injuries were worth it if it means saving a life.

When Chicago businessman and philanthropist Early Walker heard what Anthony had done to save this stranger’s life, he wanted to offer a reward. In a special ceremony attended by officers from Chicago Police Department’s third district, he surprised Anthony with a 2008 Audi A6!

“Anthony thought of the victim and not necessarily himself in this quick decision to save the victim’s life,” said Early. “He then took careful instructions to perform CPR and saved a person’s life who laid hopelessly on a live track.”

This is a well-deserved prize! Anthony didn’t hesitate to risk his own safety to help a total stranger. We’re so glad to see him rewarded for his selfless actions.

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