“Tremendous Group Effort” Ensures Hockey Player’s Heart Beats Another Day.

two photos side by side. one is of security camera footage of various hockey players standing around a sylvania tamoshanter hockey player, bruce tronolone, who is laying on the ice as he suffers from cardiac arrest. the other is of bruce tronolone, player on the sylvania tamoshanter hockey team, smiling from a hospital bed after suffering from cardiac arrest during a hockey game.

It happened in an instant. One moment Bruce Tronolone was playing hockey and, in the next, he was laying on the ice.


His Sylvania TamOshanter teammates quickly gathered around to discover that he didn’t have a pulse. Multiple people knew this meant he needed CPR, prompting someone to do just that. Still, Bruce needed more than CPR, and that’s when Lieutenant Jim Shulty took over.

Thanks to his experience as a firefighter, Jim was able to take over performing CPR. Meanwhile, a referee hurried to get the automated external defibrillator (AED) from the lobby as various onlookers called 911.

Once Jim was given the AED, it only took one shock for Bruce to regain his pulse. All of this took place within about five minutes.

“I just was concerned for our hockey friend there, as were his teammates!” Jim said. “Like I said it was such a tremendous group effort!” 

From there, Bruce was taken to the hospital for treatment. He had to stay there for a whole week, but now he’s back at home and more grateful than ever.

“I lost my heartbeat for almost five minutes,” Bruce said. “I don’t remember the event, but I remember being in the ER, really distressed really kind of holding on. I realized it wasn’t good.”

As Bruce, Jim, and the rest of his family and friends celebrate the happy ending to this terrifying ordeal, his story is being used as a reminder of the importance of learning CPR, no matter your profession. Because, as Toledo Fire Chief Allison Armstrong said, every minute without CPR decreases the chances of survival.

“You know they prevented my heart from having major damage from being without a pulse for that period of time!” Bruce said. “These guys will be connected to me for the rest of my life. So, it’s just an amazing story and it’s emotional! Because it was close you know it could have gone the other way.”

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