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Man Takes Spray Paint To Hardwood Floor, But The Results Aren’t What You’d Expect!

When we first saw today’s video, we gasped in horror. A reckless man was ruining his beautiful hardwood floor with a can of white spray paint. But, as with many unbelievable things we see on the internet, we keep watching. What unfolded as the video went on was, in a word, amazing. The video is edited and sped up to encapsulate the entire makeover.

In the opening scene, the man spray paints a sloppy white rectangle around his dining room table and chairs. At this point, we are cringing because he has just ruined the hardwood floor. As he finishes the crudely painted rectangle, he knowingly flips his paint can like a gunslinger in the Wild West. The scene flips, and we see blue painter’s tape added to the floor, stick-on triangles, and squares placed in a checkerboard pattern.

Image shows a DIY painter laying out a checkerboard pattern on a hardwood floor.
Image from YouTube.

Now, it’s looking a little interesting, and we are noticeably less distressed. We watch as he lays the pattern in quick time. There are more small cringes when he pulls out that paint can again, but he is taking better care this time. He lays a solid coat of white paint in all the empty spaces. The design is starting to take shape. Once the white space is complete, the man snaps his fingers, and the board instantly changes, covering the white squares.

A can of black spray paint magically appears, and the painter goes to work again. We’re still cringing a little, but the process has our attention. The rest of the video goes in super speed, with some neat digital effects. They lay a protective cover over the design, laying out a series of lines along three sides. The paint goes on, turning the lines into a striped alternating black-and-white pattern.

Image shows a hand applying black spray paint to a hardwood floor.
Image from YouTube.

The entire result at the end of the video shows us a stunning dining room. With the open floor plan of the home, the paint accents the dining area like an area rug. Painting hardwood still causes us to cringe, but we could totally live with these results!

Watch the entire process and let us know your thoughts.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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