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This Dazzling Dress Transforms Itself With The Push Of A Button.

A side by side showing two patterns of Adobe's digital dress.

Talk about fashion forward! At the Adobe MAX 2023 conference earlier this month, the computer software company introduced a new endeavor during the Sneaks session that could revolutionize the way we dress. According to its creator, Christine Dierk, Project Primrose promises to “bring fabric to life.” How, you ask? Well, the scientist didn’t just explain her design; she also gave a demonstration!

Christine took the stage wearing a strapless dress covered in what looked like ordinary spangles. However, she quickly revealed that these large sequins could change color in an instant. Pressing a button behind her back, she transformed the dress from white to silver before the audience’s very eyes! Then, she modeled a variety of different patterns on the digital garment.

A spangled dress changes patterns with digital technology.
Screengrab from Adobe/YouTube

While these changes were pretty impressive, the creator also showcased how the dress could produce animated patterns! These motifs could be triggered by a button as well as by motion sensers in the clothing. Adobe added a caption to their YouTube video of Christine’s demonstration, explaining exactly how this unique technology does what it does.

A scientist models her digital dress that changes patterns.
Screengrab from Adobe/YouTube

“Project Primrose … makes this possible with wearable and flexible, non-emissive textiles which allow an entire surface to display content created with Adobe Firefly, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Stock, and Adobe Illustrator,” it reads. “Designers can layer this technology into clothing, furniture, and other surfaces to unlock infinite style possibilities.”

At the end of the demo, Christine described how she hoped her design would impact the world of clothing.

“Fashion doesn’t have to be static; it can be dynamic and even interactive,” she said. “And we’re excited for a future where there’s more ways to express yourself.”

Watch the video below to see the mind-blowing presentation!

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