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Man Spends 24 Hrs Giving Out “Free” Hugs To Strangers — The Result Is Heartwarming.

zach mcintyre hugging a stranger in downtown greenville

There is nothing a hug can’t fix – not even in a broken world!

To prove this, a young man named Zach McIntyre decided to offer “free” hugs to strangers for 24 hours in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. He recorded the whole experience so he could share it with the world… including the many rejections and not-so-friendly comments he encountered.

While Zach’s mission got off to a rough start, he did not let the rejections bring him down – and we’re glad he didn’t!

Suddenly, the “nos” turned into “yeses.” Zach got one hug, then two, and three… the hugs just kept on multiplying, reaching a point where it got hard to keep track.

“I was surprised by how many people approached me to get a hug,” Zach told InspireMore. “It seemed like almost everybody wanted one.”

In this heartwarming video, you can see people of all ages, races, and genders approaching Zach and his mom, who was also onboard on this mission, to get their free hugs. Oh, and we almost forgot, even some of the people that rejected him in the beginning changed their minds and came back for a hug!

“For me, it was just very cool to see people snapping out of their shells, to hug a stranger,” Zach said. “I could tell it made their day, just like they made mine.”

Watch Zach’s successful mission to fix the world in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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