15 Utterly Adorable Turtles Who Will Leave You Head Over Heels In Love

We love pets of all kinds, from the floofiest dog to the scaliest gecko — and everything in between!

Admittedly, we don't always think of turtles when the words "cute pets" come to mind, but there are millions of people who think they make the perfect companions. Whether they're living free in the wild or soaking up some rays in an artificial habitat, these shell-bound buddies are living proof that turtles are downright adorable!

1. We can't tell who is happier about this arrangement, the dog or the turtle?

dog with turtle on his head

2. Watch your step! Every day he goes for a little prowl around the house.

tortoise walking in house

3. This rescue released 170 diamondback terrapin hatchlings into the wild. Be free, little cuties!

baby turtle hatchlings

4. "My grandfather built a floating dock for turtles in the lake by their house, and the turtles love it!"

turtles on a raft

5. This is the face of a 100-year-old tortoise. Just majestic.

close up of old turtle faces

6. The Crocodile Hunter's son had the world's cutest isolation buddy in 2020.

7. Cue Tom Petty: "Yeah, I'm free... free fallin'!"

tiny turtle

8. Nom nom nom....

turtle eating clover

9. Look at this picture-perfect little face. LOOK AT IT.

cute turtle in blanket

10. Turtle bros Cuff and Link appeared in "Rocky" in 1976. They're now about 44 years old and are still "acting." Sly Stallone included them in "Creed II."

11. Somebody likes her heat lamp.

turtle smiling in tank

12. She was at the beach when this fellow wandered up to say hi.

giant tortoise on beach

13. Is this a baby snapping turtle or a baby dinosaur?

baby snapping turtle

14. “Jennifer Slopez is forever determined to go downstairs. Had to put up this gate that even grown, able-bodied adults struggle to open. She does not respond to verbal commands like 'TURTLE! NO!!!'"

turtle trying to sneak past baby gate on stairs

15. Aw... he likes having his belly brushed.

baby turtle

If you weren't a turtle fanatic before seeing these pictures, we hope we changed your mind! How can you resist these sweet faces? We sure can't!

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