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Man Shares Hilarious Disadvantage Of His Corgi Accidentally Learning Sign Language

Image shows a corgi reacting to sign language for the word "ball."

Corgi are brilliant dogs. When a man’s deaf wife first moved in, they began conversing in American Sign Language (ASL). They did not think anything of it, so they did not shield the signs from their dog, Eowyn. It didn’t take long for the small little corgi to begin figuring out the meaning of some sign language movements.

Images show a man using sign language in front of his corgi, explaining that the dog has learned several signs.
Image from TikTok.

At first, the couple thought the corgi learning sign language would be fantastic. However, it wasn’t long before routine conversations about dinner became very interesting to the pup. Recognizing the sign for “dinner,” Eowyn’s ears perk up, and she becomes very attentive. If her dad doesn’t immediately get up and start getting her dinner, she will bark in protest.

The corgi was learning the signs so fast that she knew the signs for the fun things she liked, like B-A-L-L. When her parents sign “ball,” she barks and wants to play ball. They’re still pretty safe spelling things out, but that can be cumbersome in sign language.

Left image shows a man using the sign for dinner, which causes his corgi to look toward the kitchen. Right image shows a man signing "ball" and the dog jumps up and begins to bark.
Image from TikTok.

The mention of dinner causes her ears to perk up, and she looks toward the kitchen. When “ball” is mentioned, she jumps into action, barking happily and racing to find her ball. You can tell where this is going, right? Walks, bedtime, vet, and other words are no longer safe to discuss if Eowyn, the accidentally bilingual corgi, is within eyesight. What seemed like a bonus is no longer a beneficial behavior.

Follow The Signing D on TikTok and Instagram for more sign language adventures and a good standup comedy routine. His wife Emily is also on social media as “Golden Sunshine Inside” and has content on TikTok and Instagram. Eowyn and this couple will keep you smiling.

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