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Dog Is NOT Impressed When He Goes From Only Child To Big Brother Overnight

Dog baby

Dierks The Dog was not impressed when his parents brought a baby home, and his reaction to meeting the little guy has millions in stitches. 

The pitbull was the center of Brin Engelhardt’s world after she rescued him from a shelter in Traverse City, Michigan, nearly six years ago. As Brin told Newsweek, she adopted him when she was a college student. They “did everything together and have a very close bond.” 

When Brin met her now husband, Dierks immediately bonded with him, too. The three became a happy family, moved to Ohio, and got married. It wasn’t long after their wedding that they found out Dierks was going to be a big brother.

“Dierks was all about putting his head on my belly during my pregnancy,” Brin fondly remembered.

While Dierks was protective and seemed to understand that a new human was joining the pack, his initial response to meeting the baby, whom they named Jae, was hilarious.

Brin posted a now-viral video of Jae acting absolutely delighted by the four-legged creature looking at him. The camera slowly pans to Dierks, who looks unamused. He glances into a bouncer seat and hears Jae making “pterodactyl” noises. Then he looks at the camera with his ears back. 

Standing completely still, Dierks stares down his owners and seems to be asking them to “take it back.”

 “Jae kind of skipped the cooing stage and went right into the pterodactyl-sounding stage,” Brin joked. “Dierks was so used to being the only baby in the house for so long that he was very shocked at how loud a baby can be.”

The Baby’s Mother Hopes Her Dog Will Recruit Followers For A Special Cause

In the comments, Brin admitted that “despite the video, [Dierks] really is loving being a big brother!”

The new mom also shared that she posted the video in hopes of gaining followers so she could create a community for parents like her and Ethan. Jae was born with congenital heart defects. And she wants to support people who are feeling scared or alone as they navigate similar journeys.

“I was talking to my husband about how I’d love to make videos about Jae to start trying to raise awareness, and because of Dierks I think I might have the following to really reach a lot of people and maybe help other parents not feel so isolated if they’re on a journey with their own heart warrior,” Engelhardt said.

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