Hero Doctor Saves Lives Of Not One, But Two People, While Running A Half-Marathon.

Three men running in a marathon together wave at the camera. One of them is looking down while the other two look at the camera and smile.

Last year, cardiologist Steve Lome came to truly understand what it means to be at the right place at the right time. During a half-marathon, which was 13 miles long, he found himself in the position to save not one, but two runners. It all began around the 3-mile mark. Things had been going smoothly up to that point, but that’s when Steve noticed an unwell runner named Gregory.


From Gregory’s perspective, he was doing fine. He had just reached the peak of an incline and was relieved to see that he’d get to run downhill for a bit. This is the last thing he remembers before collapsing.

A man, with the name tag of Gregory D, runs with others in a half-marathon.

Meanwhile, Steve saw this happen, and he could tell it wasn’t a simple fall. Steve immediately stopped, performing CPR as an ambulance made its way there. The cardiologist stayed around to ensure Gregory was okay. Once it was confirmed he was doing well, and the ambulance took him, he continued the race.

The rest of the race itself was uneventful but, as soon as Steve crossed the finish line, his life-saving help was needed once more.

A man named Michael looks exhausted, mouth open, after crossing the finish like of a half-marathon.

A man named Michael began to feel dizzy moments after crossing the finish line. Then, just like Gregory, he collapsed.

“I never expected something like that in my whole life to happen again, let alone in the same race,” Steve said.

Cardiologist Steve smiles as he talks. He's wearing his work clothing.

The timing of this entire situation is truly remarkable. Had Steve not paused to help Gregory when he did, he would have crossed the finish line much sooner than Michael, meaning he wouldn’t have been around to save him, too.

In the video below, all three men recount the harrowing events that, thankfully, had a happy ending.

@humankind This doctor unexpectedly saved the lives of TWO different people having heart attacks while he was running a half-marathon. You're gonna want to stick around for Part 2! 😮🏃 #halfmarathon #halfmarathonrunner #cardiologist #savinglives #running #runningsavedmylife #humankind #goodnews ♬ Love – Revember

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have tears of joy, absolute joy,” Gregory said, getting emotional.

This happened last year, but all three men have stayed in touch. They even ran together in that very same half-marathon this year. Except this time, they did it together!

Watch cardiologist Steve run alongside the two men he saved last year, Gregory and Michael, in the heartwarming video below.

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