Kitten Ambush! Man Rescuing 1 Stray Realizes There Are 12 More In Cutest “Stampede.”

a two-photo collage. the first is a closeup of someone holding a kitten. the second is of several kittens running around on a road.

If you see a baby animal in the wild, the chances are good that its family is lurking somewhere nearby.

Robert Brantley from Louisiana was driving when he saw movement by the side of the rural road he was traveling down. Thinking it looked like an abandoned kitten, he stopped to check it out – it just so happened that his wife had been saying she wanted a kitten for their barn.

Robert was recording the encounter on his cell phone as he approached the roadside. As he did, a tiny gray and white kitten came trotting out of the weeds and headed straight for him. He picked the kitten up and was giving him a once-over when, suddenly, there was more movement in the grass.

It was an ambush! The first kitty was just a decoy!

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It turns out there were more than a dozen similar kittens living in the wild! All of them swarmed Robert in search of food and safety and, in that moment, he knew he couldn’t just leave them there. So instead of coming home with only one kitten, he loaded all of the little babies (with some difficulty!) into his car and headed home.

“I couldn’t keep up with them as I would throw one in and 2 would jump out,” he wrote on Facebook. “So I had to close the door with the window down and funnel em in. That would have been good footage actually.”

Naturally, the clip went viral. Everyone wanted to know what had become of the kittens, so Robert has been updating everyone with pictures and videos.

His first order of business was giving them all a flea bath followed by lots of good food and water.

“Thank you to all those offering to help,” Robert wrote. “Working on getting them all a good home! The kids are loving on them in the meantime and we’re fattening them up.”

Robert started working with a local shelter to find each of these adorable kittens their forever homes, but him and his family will be keeping at least one of them.

“Today Courtney brought 8 kittens to the vet and also met up with one of the new adopting families,” he wrote. “One of the little girls with them couldn’t be any sweeter and cuter with her new pet! So glad these babies are finding homes!”

Just look at the joy on this child’s face!

It turns out, these kittens picked the perfect person to ambush on the side of that road. Thank you, Robert, for helping these strays live long, healthy lives with loving families.

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