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Man Mystifies Girlfriend With “Owl Party” Request — Turns Out It’s A Hoot!

closeup of scott thiede. he’s smiling as he holds an owl with one hand and pets it with the other. he’s wearing a glove on the hand he’s using to hold the owl.

If you see the words “owl party” and have no idea what’s going on, then you’re not alone.

When @fakemegryan1 on Twitter got a request from her boyfriend, Scott Thiede, to have an “owl party,” she was just as baffled. So much so that she immediately shared the series of texts she received from Scott so that others could join her in appreciating her significant other’s weirdness.

What she got, however, was a ton of people who were 100% on the same page as Scott. The conversation even went beyond Twitter with one person asking, “What’s the confusion? Guy comes with an owl. Your friends come over and hang out with an owl,” while another simply added, “Seems to explain itself.”

Once everyone was on the same page regarding owls and parties, @fakemegryan1 was happy to give everyone the update they’d been hoping for. The owl party happened, and it was a total success, as you can see by the pure joy radiating from Scott as he holds this majestic owl!

It turns out an owl party really is exactly what it sounds like!

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