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“It Was The Most Incredible Thing.” Woman Brings Drowned Platypus Back To Life.

a flooded area of queensland, australia among trees and a washed up platypus who had stopped breathing and was revived by a woman referred to as lady penelope

As historic flooding washed over Queensland, Australia, a woman named Penelope tried her best to rescue birds whose nests were being washed away. But one day, as she ventured out to check the water levels, a different creature in need of help caught her attention.

She thought it was a duck at first, but upon further inspection, it was a platypus. The poor thing had been washed away in the floods and was no longer breathing. Shocked, Penelope found herself giving the creature two finger compressions, the kind someone might do for a baby. Soon after, it coughed out water and began to breathe again, prompting her to cry tears of joy as she sat in the mud. They sat together like that for 10 minutes.

“It looked at me and blinked its little eyes and very slowly walked back towards the water and eventually swam off,” Penelope said. “It was the most incredible thing … one of the most joyous things I could’ve ever been a part of.”

Watch Penelope discuss this unforgettable moment below and don’t forget to share.

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