Man Has Sweetest Surprise The First Time His Girlfriend Steps Into Their New Home.

new home

When it comes to marriage, all the steps align to bring two people into a lifelong commitment—first comes a smile, then comes love, then comes working through the hard times and learning how to be a team, and finally comes building a life together. When one man realized he wanted his girlfriend to be his forever person, he took the plunge and bought a new home with her, and he used that special milestone to cross the next one.


The TikTok site Proposal.Es posted a heartwarming engagement that showed a young couple on the day they closed on their first home together. When they arrived to open the door for the first time, the man let his girlfriend do the honors. When she turned her back to him, he pulled a ring out of his pocket.

“Did you see the keychain?” he asked as she was fumbling with the door.

She paused and read what we can assume said, “Will you marry me?” She covered her mouth in shock and slowly turned to see him down on one knee.

“We got the house,” he said. “This is the last thing I want to do right now.”

“Are you serious?” she said through tears.

Man proposed on day he and girlfriend buy a new house.

In the end, she said “yes,” of course.

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