Man Grows Out His Hair For Three Years To Give To His Girlfriend With Alopecia

Hannah Hosking and her boyfriend, Cody Ennis smile for a photo taken in a mirror.

There are countless ways to show someone that you love them. Still, Cody Ennis’ heartfelt gesture for his girlfriend, Hannah Hosking, is especially unique and heartfelt. When the two of them first met, Hannah only wore wigs. The reason why is because she has alopecia. Only six months into dating, this sweet man offers to grow out his hair. In turn, Hannah gets the best new wig!

“I don’t know exactly what made him want to grow his hair out for me,” Hannah says. “He just looked at me one day and was like ‘I guess if I grew my hair out for you, how long would you want it?'”

Hannah Hosking and her boyfriend, Cody Ennis smile for a photo taken in a mirror.

Because Hannah loves long hair, she jokingly told him 30 inches — but Cody took her request seriously. In fact, he made sure she was okay with the fact that it’d take him three to four years to grow it. She was fine with this, of course, and their hair journey began!

Kindhearted Man Grows Out His Hair for Girlfriend With Alopecia

Cody smiles as he holds his freshly cut hair in his hands.

“He reached out to my niece who’s a cosmetologist and asked how to take care of it so it was healthy when it was time to cut it,” Hannah says. “He bought really expensive shampoos and conditioners. He watched tons of videos on how to properly wash and condition his hair.”

After three years, their efforts paid off. Having grown 29 inches of hair, Cody got his long-awaited haircut in October 2023. From there, they sent off the multiple sections of hair to a wig maker called Florida Fancies. Months later, it was finally at their front door!

Hannah smiles as she wears the wig made out of her boyfriend Cody's hair.

“When the wig arrived, I was so excited [that] I cried,” she admits. “Receiving this three-and-a-half-year gift in the making was overwhelming.”

Woman With Alopecia Treasures Her New Hair

Since Cody was asleep when the wig arrived, it gave Hannah the perfect opportunity to surprise him. She got dolled up and put on the wig, prompting the best reaction from this sweet guy!

Hannah and Cody smile for a selfie. Hannah is wearing the wig made from his hair.

In fact, even though the couple isn’t officially engaged yet, Cody had made it known that he’d love for her to wear it on their wedding day. Needless to say, Hannah likes the sound of that plan.

“When I first looked at myself in the mirror I felt loved and so much love for him,” she recalls. “It makes me feel very comforted and safe to know I have someone in my life who is willing to go this extra mile and go above and beyond.”

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