Grandkids Surprise Grandma With An Impromptu Sleepover After She Loses Her Husband.

A grandma holds open her front door, standing at the entrance with a shocked look on her face.

The devastation of losing the love of your life can leave people feeling particularly lonely. This is something that the Johansen family must recognize. Three months after grandpa passed away, his sweet grandkids felt inspired to come up with a way to cheer grandma up. Their solution? To have the grandkids go to grandma’s for an impromptu sleepover! One of the grandkids, Sandra, share the details on social media.


It seems that Sandra and her family couldn’t have picked a better way to surprise their grieving grandma. Because, in a video capturing this sweet moment, it’s clear just how much this means to her. Plus, it means just as much to them, too.

Grandkids Surprise Grieving Grandma With a Sleepover

@sandraeoj She was so confused at first🤍 core memories made🫶🏼 #grandma #sleepover ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

In the video, we see Grandma open her door. Here, she’s greeted by her grandkids. This alone is a huge surprise. But to top it all off, each of them stand there with their arms full of much-needed sleepover items — including a dog, of course.

“She was so confused at first,” Sandra says.

Selfie taken by a grandma. Sitting on the couch behind her are three grandkids, all three of which are smiling.

The confusion passes, though, and before they know it, the best sleepover ever begins! Together, they spend the night with tasty snacks, fun games, and late-night chats that lasts through midnight. By the end of the night, it’s clear how much all of them needed this.

“Love spending time with granny,” Sandra shares, adding “Core memories made.”

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