Mama Duck Parades Her Babies Through School In One-Of-A-Kind Annual “Tradition”

ducks walking by lockers

This mama duck and her ducklings are going on a walk in an unsuspecting place! This family, featuring a duck and several ducklings, loves to waddle through school to kick off the school year.

It’s hard to imagine a cuter duckie parade than this one. Mama Duck leads her little ones, walking through the indoor corridor and then out into the school yard.

This school is located in Ontario, Canada, and this duck parade is an annual event. Each year, once the ducklings are born, mama duck leads her kin through the halls of the school.

Apparently, this is due to a logistic issue. The mother mallard lays eggs in the corridor and then is unable to get out without waddling through the halls of the school. Thankfully, there’s hardly a safer place in the world to take her babies.

ducks waddling on carpet in school
This image is from YouTube.

“Shout out to the school staff who dropped what they were doing in order to help this Momma & her babies make it safely to the pond on the other side of the school!!!” pointed out one fan of the clip.

What an incredible sight to see! This mama duck and her ducklings love their little school parade — and so do we!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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